Area of Operation

Initially forest area of 4.63 lakh hectare was leased to the F.D.C.M. Ltd. for a period of thirty years on certain Terms and Conditions through Government Resolutions dated 27/6/1978 and 27/8/1980. Considering all the developmental activities undertaken in the past and requirement of area for the future it was decided by the Government to retain with the F.D.C.M. Ltd. an area of 3.13 lakh hectare against Government Resolutions of 1978 and 1980 , and 1.839 lakh hectare against Government Resolution of 1987. Thus total of 4.969 lakh hectare of forest land is now  transferred on lease to the F.D.C.M. Ltd. through Government letter dated 11/9/1997 and Resolution dated 23/9/1997.