Turn Key Projects

The FDCM, has been undertaking plantations on turnkey basis since 1990. Under this programme, plantations are raised by FDCM on the lands of Govt. Departments, Corporations, Autonomous bodies, Public Institutions, etc. at terms and conditions that are mutually agreeable. The planted area is returned to the owner agencies after the completion of project as per prescribed time limit.

The FDCM has completed 406 projects so far at the cost of Rs. 8926.07 Lacs, which are spread all over Maharashtra viz. Thane, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune and Chandrapur districts. In total, 79.58 Lacks seedlings have been planted under turnkey plantations, covering an area of 3695.88 ha.

At present, 21 projects, belonging to 13 agencies, involving a cost of Rs 7751.90 Lacs are in progress. The target for the year 2017-18 to 2023-24 is 9.24 Lacs seedlings for target area of 510.67 ha.

In the year 2014 and 2015 under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Western Coal field limited 3 project costing Rs. 552.79 lacks been executed through FDCM. Under this turnkey project 2.78 lacks of seedling have been planted at Chandrapur and Yavatmal district over 250.00 ha. forest land.

Region Completed project site works Ongoing Projects
No.of Project work sites Plants (in Lacs) Area in ha. Cost of Project (in Lacs) No. of Projects Plants (in Lacs) Area in ha. Cost of Project (in Lacs)
Nagpur 52 11.89 481.89
48.15 Km
1171.96 - - - -
Chandrapur 206 50.76 1777.43 3211.97 3 0.55 136.70 807.93
Nashik 148 16.93 1436.56
25750 sq.m.
4542.14 18 8.69 373.97 6943.97
Total 406 79.58 3695.88 ha.
48.15 Km
25750 sq.m.
8926.07 21 9.24 510.67 7751.90